To sustain the fast-growing of research activities within the Faculty, the management has identified certain niche-areas that need to be grouped in order to narrow the gaps between UNIMAS and the community. Each of the niche-areas identified are classified to each Programme. There are five Programme to support those available niche areas. They are :

research interest

There are five Programme to support those available research interest .They are :


Resource Biotechnology


Resource Chemistry


Aquatic Resource Science And Management


Plant Resource Science And Management


Animal Resource Science And Management



Collections of papers published in indexed & non-indexed journals covers niche areas such as:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Composite Structure
  • Robotic Technology
  • RFID
  • Mechatronics

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Online Media

Collection of Magazine published by the Faculty's members are also available in each of the areas listed.

Funding Grants Scheme

The Faculty through the efforts of existing research groups has been successful in attracting funds from various bodies to support research programmes. Research funding has come from both local and foreign sources, including the European Union, Malaysian TORAY, ARCBC, IRPA and SCIENCEFUND (MOSTI) and the various Research Grant Schemes from the Ministry of Higher Education.

I want to apply for Research Grant

FRGS - 24 Projects
ERGS - 6 Projects
PRGS - 2 Projects
LRGS - 22 Projects
DPI - 1 Projects
SGS - 7 Projects
Tun Openg - 13 Projects
Tun Zaidi - 5 Projects
RAGS - 12 Projects
RACE - 7 Projects
PRGS - 2 Projects
MTSF - 1 Projects
NRGS - 2 Projects
PHD FUND - 18 Projects
External Grant - 23 Projects

Researcher Highlight

  • AP Dr Sim Siong Fong

    Alt Text

    Project Title:
    Application of Chemometric Methods for Prediction of moisture content in utility oil using Fourier Transform Infra Red

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  • Prof Dr Pang Suh Cem

    Alt Text

    Project Title:
    Selective Depolymerization of Lignocelluloses: Towards Value-Added Utilization of Lignocellulosic Biomass Wastes.

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  • AP Dr Zainab

    Alt Text

    Project Title:
    Synthesis of Azo Derivatives for Anti-Cancer and Organic Photovoltaics Studies

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