Faculty Resource Science & Technology

Faculty of Resource Science and Technology (FRST) was established in July 1993, as one of the two pioneering faculties of UNIMAS. The faculty offers Bachelor of Science programmes specializing in natural resource science and management and resource technology. These programmes are designed to meet the need for graduates who have the appropriate knowledge and skills to become research scientists, managers, policy makers and entrepreneurs in various fields related to sustainable utilization, prudent management and conservation of the country’s rich resources. Postgraduate (MSc and PhD) programmes by research or coursework are also offered by the faculty. There are now 254 students by research and 43 students by coursework (35 SLUSE and 8 Sustainable Aquaculture). These students carry out various research project under the major niche area that have been identified by the faculty.

The various programmes are facilitated by 77 academic staffs comprising 2 honorary professors, 6 professors, 18 associate professors, 26 senior lecturers and 25 lecturers. These academic staff have broad experience in a wide range of specializations including molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, fermentation technology, plant ecology and taxonomy, conservation biology, entomology, animal ecology and taxonomy, environmental chemistry, natural product chemistry, nanotechnology, water quality, geology, aquaculture, and aquatic biology. Science Officers, Assistant Science Officers and Laboratory Assistants are assigned to ensure highest quality in teaching and research activities. In addition, supporting staff headed by a Principal Assistant Registrar are responsible for smooth management of non-academic matters.

In line with the status of UNIMAS as a comprehensive university, the faculty is working towards becoming a prime centre for learning and research and the preferred choice for students and researchers in natural resource science and technology. Accordingly, the faculty introduces an integrated curriculum and academic programmes, capable of meeting the demands, challenges, and changes of the 21st century. The faculty emphasizes innovative, multidisciplinary and practical-based curriculum, relevant to the socio-economic development of the country. The formal class instructions are complemented with and strengthened by relevant research activities.

The faculty endeavours to play a major role in the advancement of science and technology in the country through active participation in technology transfer and promotion of co-operation between universities, government agencies, and industries. The faculty intends to provide the required knowledge, skills and manpower for the development of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). In this way, the faculty contributes to achieving the goals of accelerating the economic growth and development of Sarawak, as well as improving the quality of life for its people



To become an exemplary faculty of internationally acknowledged stature and a scholarly institution of choice for both students and academics through the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship.


The faculty is committed to achieving excellence through high quality and relevant teaching-learning and research activities related to management and utilization of natural resources in various fields of science and technology.


The Faculty Aims to Fulfill The Following Educational Goal
  • Providing knowledge and skills based on scientific principles
  • Nurturing attitudes, ethics, sense of professionalism and leadership skills as responsible citizenry for societal advancement within the framework of the national vision
  • Fostering skills to critically evaluate and make creative decisions based on evidence and experience, thereby accomplishing a given task or solving problems at hand
  • Developing interest in the quest for knowledge, and life-long learning skills that will make it possible to keep pace with the rapid growth in global knowledge
  • Giving exposure to general and specific issues that are of institutional, national, regional and global relevance compatible to the contemporary and forward looking aspiration of UNIMAS


As Sarawak's flagship university, we have a duty to ensure that you are equipped with the best experiences that we could offer.

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